The study is aimed at testing the effectiveness of possible new variants of car eco-labels and promotional material in experimental settings.

The overall objective of the study on CO2/car labelling options and consumer information was twofold: testing the effectiveness of alternative car labels and the effectiveness of mandatory information in promotional material on its impact on awareness among consumers about the environmental impact of car usage. The study comprised a preliminary survey, a laboratory experiment testing labels, an online experiment re-testing labels and testing promotional material launched in ten countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. An econometric and multivariate statistical analysis on the data derived from these experiments formed the basis of policy implications and recommendations. The findings of the study help policy makers to devise measures that contribute to inducing better choices both for the environment in terms of CO2 emissions and for the budget of consumers in terms of fuel efficiency. For more information on CO2 labelling of cars, visit the European Commission Climate Action.

The study forms part of earlier research projects conducted by Open Evidence staff.