Open Evidence, together with PriceWaterHouse Cooper, has won the tender to support the ex post evaluation of ICT research in FP7.

As the tender indicates:

The objective of this study is to support the ex-post evaluation of FP7 research activities in the area of ICT. First of all, the objective is to provide some data evidence for the analysis of outputs, results and impacts of FP7 ICT projects. Secondly, the study will provide methodological support in reconstructing intervention logic, reviewing and refining the evaluation questions and other aspects of FP7 ICT evaluation design, so that all relevant evaluation criteria are well addressed.

To this end the study will provide a review of the existing evidence, gather information through interviews conducted with FP7 participants and other stakeholders, carry out the network analysis and analysis of FP7 projects’ final reports as well as identify any possible evidence gaps.

The evidence gathered through this study will feed into the overall ex-post evaluation of FP7.