The study analyses Research and Technology Organisation’s participation in the Framework Programmes and contributes to the improvement of FPs in the future. 

The consortium composed of Open Evidence and Ernst & Young, with Technopolis Group as a subcontractor, have won the tender for the study “An analysis of the role and impact of Research and Technology Organisations participation in the Framework Programmes”. The study is carried out on behalf of the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) as part of the ex-post evaluation of FP7.

The objective of the study to analyse RTOs participation in the Framework Programmes and to contribute to the improvement of FPs. Therfore, it investigates participation patterns by looking at the factors that can explain participation and the concentration in some sectors and geographical areas as a first step. Secondly, it assesses how FPs impact RTOs with regard to their organisation, competitiveness, human resources and their collaboration activities with other RTOs, universities or industry sectors.  Lastly, it examines how RTOs influence the development of FPs and the European research policy. Information will be gathered from the existing literature and from datasets (e.g. CORDA and SESAM). Furthermore, the consortium will conduct interviews with RTOs representatives and develop case studies. The analysis will include social network analysis, bibliometrics, patent analysis and counterfactual analysis. Moreover, a knowledge-sharing workshop with stakeholders will be organised. The final aim of the study will be to provide policy recommendations for improving the Framework Programmes.