The Startup Manifesto Policy Tracker translates recommendations of the Startup Manifesto into easy-to-track policy indicators that enable an on-going review of the progress of the EU Member States in the implementation of policies in support of entrepreneurship and a startup-friendly environment.

It is a visual, open and evidence-based approach to monitoring policy progress in key areas, and is intended to enhance collaboration and accountability among countries and the European Commission (DG Connect). It measures individual countries’ progress based on six thematic priorities reflecting the overall structure of the Startup Manifesto:

– Institutional Framework
– Education and Skills
– Access to Talent
– Access to Capital
– Data Policy, Protection and Privacy
– Thought Leadership

Progress is monitored by communities of web entrepreneurs, practitioners and policymakers and coordinated by a group of selected experts.

An overview map visualises the progress in each of the six thematic priorities in 28 European Union countries and an interactive Dashboard presents the progress of EU countries on the specific action level.

The policy tool has been created by Open Evidence in cooperation with the European Digital Forum.