INLIFE aims to prolong and suport the independent living of seniors with cognitive impairments through interoperable, open, personalised and seamless ICT solutions that suport home activities, communication, health maintenance and mobility using novel business models based on feedback from large-scale and multi-country pilot applications.

Existing flexible ICT solutions can assist elderly users with cognitive impairment in organising, carrying out and completing everyday tasks and constitute essential factors for continuing to be and feel independent. INLIFE will offer all-around, personalised, multi-faceted existing ICT solutions and services addressing diverse daily activities (eating, physical activity, commuting, mental stimulation, communication, social interaction, etc.) to users with cognitive impairment living in their own home or in sheltered homes, as well as to their formal and informal carers.

Open Evidence was entrusted to estimate the return of investment of different business models and connected services through pilots in 6 European sites (UK, SE, NL, ES, EL, SL) and highlight best practices for relevant viable business and financial models for their uptake and instantiation per region and market. It will study the scalability and sensivity of the tested business models and cases and provide guidelines on their optimal application in different financial, socio-cultural and healthcare contexts.