Taking into consideration the EU policies on digitalisation, children and youth, as well as the area of the Girl Child of the BPfA (strategic objectives L7 and L8), the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) will prepare a report addressing gender-related risks and opportunities of digital technologies among youth, with a particular focus on social and political participation. The purpose of this contract is to provide supporting background documents for this report (literature, data and policy review) and to develop a methodology for qualitative research to fill the knowledge gaps in the area of gender-related opportunities and risks of digitalisation. The review will contribute to EIGE’s long-term objective of providing high-quality research and data to support better informed and evidence-based decision-making by policymakers and other key stakeholders working to achieve gender equality. The outcome of the review will support EIGE’s work on identifying opportunities and risks of digitalisation for young people from a gender perspective. The methodology developed within the project will enable EIGE to conduct qualitative research filling knowledge gaps in the area and offering insights into benefits that new digital tecnologies have for girls and boys and gender-related challenges they bring along. The specific objective of the review is to contribute to the review of Area ‘L’ of the Beijing Platform for Action — the Girl Child – that EIGE provides for the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.