The Catalan Health Institute has commissioned Open Evidence a project to design and develop a pilot infrastructure for data processing and analysis.  Open Evidence has an extensive track record in the field of health data that has allowed the introduction of data processing and storage solutions to facilitate their subsequent analysis. This methodology has widened the possibilities offered by the new Big Data and artificial intelligence ecosystems.

The Catalan Health Institute has access to a large volume of data concerning patients and their care processes. A few years ago it initiated a process to manage the information, based on the calculation of indicators and their evaluation. Now they want to go one step further and facilitate, through analytical tools, the processing and management of large volumes of data so that analytical processes can focus on relevant information. The infrastructure that Open Evidence will develop through this project will facilitate the creation of predictive models, facilitating the labelling of the clinical course, highlighting the information groups or relevant users in the assistance of a patient or a professional.