Open Evidence, in consortium with London School of Economics, BDI Research and the Catalan Institute of Oncology, will conduct the study “Consumer preference and perception of specific categories of tobacco and related products” for the European Commission (DG Sante). The study wants to analyse the consumer preferences and perceptions of consumers on 5 tobacco product categories, namely: novel tobacco products, small cigarillos, slim cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, waterpipe tobacco.

The study will summarise the information available to date and collect quantitative and qualitative primary data to provide a holistic view of those products and their consumers. The study will use a mixed methods approach, where different methods/instruments and different sources will be triangulated to address the objectives and scope. The study will include an analysis and review of data, online survey, focus groups and literature reviews. The output of this research will feed the 2021 Report on the Application of the Tobacco Directive.