Open Evidence, in consortium with Valdani Vicari & AssociatiTEAM Tourism Consulting and BDI Research, is conducting the study on the feasibility of possible initiatives at EU level and establishment of a multi-stakeholder platform on quality of tourism accommodation services for the European Commission (DG GROW).

The overall objective of the study is to shed light in the provision of quality accommodation services and to improve comparability and transparency vis-à-vis consumers across the EU. The project aims at building a better understanding of the existing public and private initiatives in the topic, including the new online evaluation and rating schemes. Thus, it will also examine the impacts of these initiatives on the market and the potential market failures associated. From a policy perspective, the study will provide an evidence base for enhancing the effectiveness, comparability and communication capability of the classification schemes in the tourism accommodation services. The project will establish a multi-stakeholder platform to facilitate and promote dialogue, the exchange of good practices and cooperation between relevant stakeholders in furtherance of enhanced transparency, comparability and coherence between consumer review and rating schemes.

Open Evidence is responsible of the task on consumer behaviour analysis, which comprises a systematic literature review to identify the most common behavioural biases in the context of classification and rating systems and the way they are used in the marketing activity and an online survey with experiment. The insights gathered from the literature review will inform the design of the experiment, which will be made on the basis of consumer behavioural economics assessment.

On another front, Open Evidence is also leading the comprehensive analysis of the status quo of the existing initiatives on the topic and the identification of the main tourism accommodation websites’ consumer review and rating schemes at an EU level. To do so, the team will undertake a comprehensive online desk research exercise, data gathering tasks and in-depth interviews with experts.

Open Evidence has done several relevant studies in this area including, for example, the “Behavioural Study on Advertising and Marketing Practices in travel booking websites and apps”, also conducted for the European Commission (DG JUST).

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