Open Evidence is conducting a study on online platforms to support the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy. The creation of this observatory is one of the multiple measures that the EU institutions have initiated to assess the key issues related to the online platforms due to their growing importance and impact on everyday lives. Over the past 10 years, online platforms have established their presence as important economic players, connecting economic actors, creating synergies and efficiencies, spurring innovation and new business models.

The study aims to provide in-depth insights, among others, on the general market trends, emerging issues, and commercial relations between online platform intermediaries, business users and consumers. Open Evidence will be in charge of providing an economic overview of the European platform economy and will build a database of online business users, platforms and business models, drawing on multiple structured and unstructured data sources. It will also contribute to developing analytical papers that will take a closer look at the most important issues surrounding the platform economy.

In this project, Open Evidence is working together with PPMI, RAND Europe and the German Economic Institute (IW). Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva will act as scientific director of the project. Open Evidence has conducted several projects on online platforms in the past, on studies related to transparency of online platformsadvertising and marketing practices on eTravel websites, and platform economy and the future of work.