Study on cross-border digital healthcare in the EU

Client: DG SANTE

Duration: 2020 – 2021

Consortium: Open Evidence (leader), EY, UPM

Methodology: Evaluation, Exploratory Study

Tools: Literature Review, Interviews, Focus Groups, Workshop

Fieldwork: EU27

Geographical scope: EU27

Health and healthcare services and products are rapidly changing due to new technologies, which can offer relevant solutions for healthcare services and products provided cross-border. This study investigates cross-border provision of digital health services and goods (eHealth), Artificial Intelligence and the use of health data. For each of this areas of the study, the Consortium maps and analyses the situation to provide the current picture of the topics of the study. The detailed analysis allows for the identification of the key barriers at EU and national level, pointing the causes and consequences for stakeholders, as well as the potential evolution without EU intervention. The achievement of these specific objectives enables a preliminary list of targeted areas for EU interventions. The study also evaluates the Cross-border Healthcare Directive (Directive 2011/24/EU), and more precisely Article 14 and related articles, which foresees the cooperation and exchange of information among Member States working within a voluntary network connecting national authorities responsible for eHealth designated by Member States.