Open Evidence is participating in GATEKEEPER, a new H2020 Coordination and Support Action which focuses on digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence, new techniques that allow the improvement of the personalization, intervention and early detection of increasingly prevalent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or Parkinson among others. Open Evidence will collaborate with 43 other partners from all over Europe, distributed among healthcare technology companies, research institutes or big universities, healthcare providers and European and international networks on technological innovation, under the coordination of Medtronic Ibérica.

Western countries and Europe are witnessing the rapid ageing of the population due to the increase in life expectancy and the low birth rate in the continent, a phenomenon that is expected to increase in the coming years. This trend is especially worrying in the case of Spain, where those over 65 will represent more than 30% of the total population in 2050, surpassing the four million people. GATEKEEPER contemplates the deployment of a large-scale experience that will be developed over the next three and a half years and that will involve about 40,000 elderly individuals in 7 different countries of the European Union. Mature health solutions will be deployed in homes and people’s care centres, in order to demonstrate that the identification of risk situations can improve the progression of chronic diseases.

Open Evidence will lead the evaluation framework, including the cost-effectiveness analysis of all the interventions using MAFEIP tool. The framework will address the impact of the interventions using different methodologies covering healthcare providers; patients and decision-makers as well as companies.