Open Evidence is leading a study together with Brain Signs, Block de Ideas and London School of Economics for DG SANTE to inform the revision of EU rules regarding date marking to avoid unnecessary food waste linked to the misunderstanding and misuse by consumers. About one third of the world´s food is lost or wasted every year throughout the full food process. Among the different factors affecting consumers’ food waste, the confusion over date marking on the labels plays a significant role.

Several methodologies will be conducted to better understand how current date marking rules and their implementation affect consumers’ decisions to consume/use or discard foods, to identify new ways of expressing date marking (e.g. in terms of terminology, format, visual presentation) that meet consumers’ information needs regarding food safety (health) and quality whilst minimising food waste behaviour, and to test the effectiveness of these new ways of expressing date marking (vs. the current ones) on EU consumers’ understanding in order to reduce their food waste behaviour.