EUMEPLAT is an H2020 project which will analyse the role of media platforms in shaping an European identity, to identify best practices, and provide policy-makers with a better understanding of critical aspects of contemporary media landscape. EUMEPLAT will draw on a precise theoretical assumption, according to which European dimension has rarely been dominant in modern media history. In most cases – i.e., movie, novel, popular music – creative industries revolve around two foci, as market shares are mainly divided among national productions and importations from the most influential countries worldwide. In the case of broadcasting, on the other hand, a regional pattern frequently emerges, alongside with the national one, with properly European exchanges being the exception to the rule, more than the rule. 

Open Evidence will lead WP4 on Methodological guidelines, representation of gender and immigration in Spanish media. Open Evidence will also contribute to the analysis of citizen journalism in Spain, by conducting research on video production and consumption, and will also take part on the theoretical analysis of surveillance.