The Gravitate-Health is an integrated digital health information project funded under Innovative Medicines Initiatives. Its principle objective is to demonstrate how use of an integrated, digital, user-centric health information solution with two-way communication could enable tangible improvements in availability and understanding of health information from a set of trusted sources, starting with the medicinal product information, EHR-IPS, and Medicinal compendiums. Co-lead by University of Oslo and Pfizer, Gravitate-Health will work towards efficient and timely development of G-lens, provide testing grounds for new services and an evaluation framework to test efficiency, efficacy and safety of Gravitate-Health services.

Open Evidence contributes to most of the Gravitate workforces and leads Task 6.5, providing a comprehensive evaluation approach in the Gravitate Health project. Open Evidence will design and conduct ex-ante and ex post assessments to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the different interventions for improved adherence. This will be done though modelling of health outcomes, quality of life and cost-effectiveness, by using the MAFEIP tool.