Gravitate – Health: Empowering and Equipping Europeans with health information for Active Personal Health Management and Adherence to Treatment

Client: public

Duration: 2020 – 2025

Consortium: Open Evidence (partner), UiO/Anne Moen-Eva Turk, UiO, Pfizer, Merc

Methodology: Impact Assessment, Evaluation,

Tools: Data Analysis

Fieldwork: EU 27 and beyond

Geographical scope: Global

The Gravitate-Health is an integrated digital health information project funded under Innovative Medicines Initiatives. Its principle objective is to demonstrate how use of an integrated, digital, user-centric health information solution with two-way communication could enable tangible improvements in availability and understanding of health information from a set of trusted sources, starting with the medicinal product information, EHR-IPS, and Medicinal compendiums. Co-lead by University of Oslo and Pfizer, Gravitate-Health will work towards efficient and timely development of G-lens, provide testing grounds for new services and an evaluation framework to test efficiency, efficacy and safety of Gravitate-Health services.