Study on “Support to the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy”


Duration: 2019 – 2021

Consortium: Open Evidence (partner), PPMI, RAND Europe, German Economic Institute (IW)

Methodology: Economic Analysis

Tools: Literature Review, Interviews, Surveys, Data Analysis, Case Studies

Geographical scope: EU27

The Commission has set up an Observatory of the Online Platform Economy with an expert group to reflect on key issues and trends in the platform economy. The aim of this study is to assist the Commission in the formulation and execution of a monitoring strategy of the platform economy in the context of the Observatory. The team is undertaking data gathering and high-level multi-disciplinary analysis concerning the interaction between online intermediation services and the EU businesses that use those services to offer their goods and services. The study provides in-depth insights on the general market trends, emerging issues, and commercial relations between online platform intermediaries and business users. The activities include the gathering of different types of data into a Data Lab to measure and monitor the online platform economy; a set of analytical papers to collect evidence on emerging issues such as differential treatment, data access, transparency in online advertising or strategic market power; as well as the communication of the study activities and results through the website. The Study feeds into the activities of the Commission and the expert group operating under the framework of the Observatory, and provides evidence for policy making such as the Digital Market Acts and Digital Services Act.

Final report

Observatory on the Online Platform Economy