Regional and local data-driven innovation through collective intelligence and sandboxing (ELISE)

Client: JRC

Duration: 2021 – 2022

Consortium: Open Evidence (partner), Intellera, Technopolis, OASC

Methodology: Exploratory study

Tools: Literature Review, Interviews, Workshop, Data Analysis, Case Studies, Modelling

Fieldwork: Spain, Italy, Finland, Poland

Geographical scope: EU27

The overarching goal of the project consists of understanding the policy implications of the adoption and development of regional and local data ecosystems on public sector innovation. Key specific objectives of the project include the analysis of existing data ecosystems in various European cities, the experimentation of approaches, models and tools that favour the establishment and sustaining of data ecosystems at sub-national level, and the formulation of policy and research recommendations on the governance and business models explored for data-driven innovation.