Study on the “Europe’s digital decade and autonomy”

Client: European Parliament

Duration: 2021 – 2021

Consortium: Open Evidence (leader)

Methodology: Exploratory Study

Tools: Literature Review, Interviews, Data Analysis

Geographical scope: EU27

The study contributes to the debate on Europe’s digital policy in different ways. First, it provides an analysis of the trends, including promises, challenges, and risks of each of the four cardinal points of the Digital Compass. Second, the study presents a comprehensive overview of the different policy measures in each of the four dimensions, with a dedicated section on the funding needs and investment gaps. Third, an independent critical assessment of all the targets set by 2030 will integrate the recently published evaluation published in the Staff Working Document accompanying the new Policy Programme “Path to the Digital Decade”. The quantitative assessment, carried out with advanced analytical techniques, is complemented with an overall critical assessment, which also considers the policy measures and the funding mechanisms in place. Finally, the study discusses the contested concept of digital strategic autonomy and digital sovereignty, which have become key terms in the European political debate.

Final report

Europe’s Digital Decade and Autonomy