Sandboxing: how to use it to strengthen your local data ecosystem

The report is a practical guide to adopt innovative solutions for data sharing at the local level by leveraging on the sandboxing approach.

Data sharing plays a fundamental role in strengthening the European economy. The reuse of data has great potential at local level, as this allows informing and improvement of a range of services that citizens utilise in their lives. Accordingly, different European cities have been investing in data ecosystems as a structural solution for an effective sharing of data. However, these stakeholders have to deal with organisational and/or technical barriers.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has published a report on how to use sandboxing for local data ecosystems. The project was carried out by Open Evidence and other partners (Technopolis Group, Intellera Consulting and OASC), which implemented sandboxing solutions in four European cities (Barcelona, Milan, Poznan and Helsinki) and analysed the local data ecosystem of other cities.

The playbook offers a practical orientation for a wide range of public administrators who are eager to develop, or improve, data ecosystems in their local contexts. The report shows how local authorities, just like other stakeholders, may leverage on testing of technical or organisational mechanisms before adopting – and investing in them.

The report is available here.