A behavioural study on digital means of providing food information

Client: European Commission (JRC).

Duration: 2022 – 2023

Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), SchlesingerGroup, LSE.

Geographical Coverage: EU27, Data collection in Spain,Germany and Bulgaria.

Data collection tools: Desk research, Behavioural experiment.

Abstract: The overarching goal is to provide good information for informed consumers’ choices and, possibly, to drive changes in consumption patterns. The implementation of this programme involved a long collaboration between the JRC, and DG SANTE focussed on a discussion of what kind of information consumer needs, also in relation to specific dietary habits. The approach is gradual and intend to proceed one step at a time. This study focussing on whether consumers may access food information online and how long they spend doing it represent the first step. Background work and literature review showed that there is limited information on these issues, a gap that the present study should help fill in.