Behavioural study testing the commitments and change of practices requested from traders by the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network

Client: European Commission (DG JUST).

Duration: 2022 – 2025

Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), SchlesingerGroup, LSE.

Geographical Coverage: EU 27, Data collection in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden.

Data collection tools: Desk research, Behavioural experiment.

Abstract: The overall purpose of the study is setting up ten (10) behavioural experiments with the goal of testing the efficacy of proposed commitments and change of practices resulting from real coordinated actions against traders under the Consumer Protection Cooperation Regulation. The study shall focus on the testing of commitments by traders vis-a-vis the CPC authorities and their impact on consumer welfare. The market sectors include: online shopping in general (goods, digital goods and services such as transport, accommodation and financial services including cryptocurrencies); social media (static pages, without live social interactions implemented) with focus on marketing, including influencer marketing, search engines, the gaming sector, and dating websites.