Consumer survey of the energy label of air-based space heating products

Client: European Commission (DG ENER)

Duration: 2022

Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), Schlesinger Group, LSE, University of Tilburg.

Geographical coverage: EU27, data collection in Italy, Poland, Germany, Sweden.

Data collection tools: Desk research, Behavioural experiment.

Abstract: The study aims to examine consumer understanding of various information contents to be supplied on a merged label for all types of local space heaters.Given the need to encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources, the EU is planning to review and adapt its energy labelling legislation with the objective of improving energy efficiency of products.The policy goal is to encourage the use of more efficient technologies and such a merged scale could help achieving that goal.Through the use of behavioural experiments, the study aims to test consumer understanding of information content to be presented on a merged label for space heaters. Moreover, it measures the substitution effects that a merged label might have in encouraging the consumer to purchase more efficient space heaters, inside each product group and across different product groups.