State of the art of neuromarketing and its ethical implications

During the last years, the advancement in the technological domain led to the development of innovative research solutions. These allowed the scientific community to investigate and employ neurophysiological measures not only for research purposes but also for the study of human behaviour in real and daily life situations. This literature review aims to understand how and whether neuroscientific technologies can be effectively employed to better understand human behaviour in the marketing context, with a particular focus on the application of such technologies in the study of children’s behaviour.

The report makes a valuable contribution to the scientific debate about neuromarketing research while also addressing its ethical implications. We are particularly proud that it will be used by policymakers within the EU, working hard to safeguard consumer protection and investigate unfair commercial practices.

At Open Evidence, consumer protection and the investigation of unfair practices are integral parts of our experimental studies. Our dedicated team of researchers and experts collaborates passionately on these topics, striving to drive positive change through evidence-based research.

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