Evaluation of the EU Action Plan on Childhood Obesity (2014-2020)

Childhood and adolescent obesity rates across the globe have been growing and Europe is no exception. The shifts in diet towards more processed and higher in fat, sugar and salt foods along with a decrease in levels of regular physical activity and an increasingly obesogenic environment with (online) marketing of unhealthy food options, all have a part to play. 

In 2014, the European Commission supported the Member States in the development of an EU approach that contributes to halting the rise in overweight and obesity in children and young people by 2020. The Action Plan has committed to address eight key areas for action: (1) Support a healthy start in life; (2) Promote healthier environments, especially in schools and pre-schools; (3) Make the healthy option the easier option; (4) Restrict marketing and advertising to children; (5) Inform and empower families; (6) Encourage physical activity; (7) Monitor and evaluate; (8) Increase research. 

Open Evidence, in consortium with PwC Luxembourg and SAFE, will conduct the final evaluation of the EU Action Plan on Childhood Obesity (2014-2020) to examine to what extent each EU Member State has implemented actions and reached objectives as set out in the priority areas for action. Through extensive consultations with representatives of national authorities and stakeholders, we will gather different views on the best policy (and other) approaches to reduce childhood obesity in Europe.