New study on the future of the European Media Industry

Open Evidence is proud to support DG CONNECT and to embark on an exciting project that promises to explore future consumer trends in the European media industry. The media landscape in the EU has changed over recent years, mainly due to the widespread increase in the availability and use of the internet and media content. From the rise of streaming platforms to the proliferation of social media and gaming, the average European consumer is immersed in a continuous flow of information and entertainment. Understanding this ecosystem is crucial as it underpins the dynamics of media consumption, exploring not only what individuals consume but also why, how, and to what extent.

Together with the London School of Economics, KEA Public Affairs and other experts, we will investigate demand-side trends in media markets (Audiovisual Entertainment, Video Gaming, and News Media) providing insights crucial for the second edition of the European Media Industry Outlook (here the first edition).

During the study, Open Evidence will gather primary data through an online survey from consumers in the EU27 using innovative survey techniques to provide a comprehensive understanding of what drives choices, consumption patterns, and evolving preferences in the European audience. While the study is inherently exploratory, its findings hold immense potential in informing future policy decisions. By monitoring consumer behaviours and preferences, we aim not only to analyze ongoing trends but also to provide the European Commission with valuable insights into future developments within the media industry.