New study on “Deployment of AI in Healthcare”

The sustainability of the European healthcare system is under stake due to two opposing trends. The demand for care services is expected to follow an upward trend in the coming years due to the ageing of the population, a trend confronted with the ever increasing shortage in the healthcare workforce. Against this background, recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold the promise to help meet a rising demand without compromising the quality of care, or healthcare professionals’ well-being.  

Whereas Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionize the healthcare sector, the deployment of AI technologies has been hitherto regarded as an unfulfilled opportunity. To guarantee a safe and effective translation of AI developments into practice, there are several complex ethical, technical, and human-centred challenges that still need to be addressed. In recent years, we have seen the prominence of a wide range of articles and reports theorizing on the opportunities and challenges of AI deployment in healthcare. However, there is a lack of concrete and practical examples of implementation.  

In the coming months Open Evidence along with PwC EU Services and EthikIA will explore this topic as part of a new study for the European Commission (DG SANTE) on the “Deployment of AI in Healthcare”. Through several consultation activities with relevant stakeholders, we will identify and assess the most prominent sector-specific challenges and accelerators for the successful deployment of AI in healthcare. Building upon the literature theorizing on the opportunities and challenges of AI deployment in healthcare, we will provide concrete evidence on practical examples of successful implementations. 

Based on the insights collected, we will put forward recommendations that will inform the Commission on how to overcome the existing challenges related to AI deployment in healthcare. Such recommendations are expected to lay the foundations for the future policy work on AI and healthcare for the upcoming Commission after the European elections later this year.