Final workshop with stakeholders of the Study on the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

On 18 April, Open Evidence and PwC organised the final workshop with stakeholders under the Study on mapping and evaluating the implementation of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP), conducted for the European Commission (HaDEA and DG SANTE). 

The objective of the workshop was to present the findings on the final tasks of the study, namely an analysis of the experience and barriers to the application process and implementation of actions and projects funded under the EU4Health Programme across the four pillars of the EBCP (prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, quality of life of cancer patients and survivors), and an overview of the structure and indicators used to develop a monitoring framework of the EBCP at the EU level.   

Around 100 stakeholders attended the workshop either in Brussels or online, representing European institutions, international organisations, national authorities, associations of civil society, healthcare professionals, the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, participants of projects funded under the EU4Health programme, and academia.

The insight from the workshop discussions will be taken into account to refine the final report of the study. The study will inform the first review of the EBCP, expected to be conducted by the end of 2024.