Publication of the final report of the study supporting the impact assessment on a European Disability Card

The final report of the ‘Study supporting the impact assessment of an EU initiative introducing the European Disability Card’ conducted by Open Evidence in a consortium led by EY with FBK-IRVAPP for the European Commission (DG EMPL), has been published.

The study presents an analysis of the problems and an assessment of the impacts of various policy options on the introduction of a European Disability Card and the improvement of the EU Parking Card for persons with disabilities. The data collection activities covered the EU27 and included desk research, interviews, targeted surveys, workshops and case studies.

The study informed the recent proposal of the European Commission to introduce a European Disability Card in all EU Member States, ensuring equal access to preferential conditions in public transport, cultural or leisures services, regardless of the Member State of origin. The study also informed the European Commission proposal to improve the EU Parking Card for persons with disabilities by introducing a common format across Member States replacing the national model, and ensuring equal rights regardless of the Member State of origin. Both proposals have been recently approved by the European Parliament on 24 April.

Link to the final report of the study: