Publication of the final report of the “Study on putting in practice by Member States of the recommendation on the protection, safety and empowerment of journalists”.

More than ever journalists have been subject to numerous forms of pressure such as being discredited by politicians, facing smear campaigns, or being victims of SLAPPs (i.e. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). Interferences with journalists’ work have also intensified with the shift to the online consumption of news. This trend is even more of a concern given the high levels of impunity related to such type of interferences. This can have a wide range of repercussions from an increased “chilling effect”, or for journalists to decide to leave the profession altogether.

In 2021, the Commission released the Recommendation on ensuring the protection, safety and empowerment of journalists and other media professionals in the European Union. Open Evidence along with Intellera Consulting and PwC EU Services conducted a study to assess the level of implementation of the 2021 Recommendation.

As part of this study, the team collected qualitative and quantitative information on the implementation of the Recommendation at the national level through various consultation activities (i.e. desk research, in-depth interviews, targeted online surveys). This helped to conduct a comparative analysis and to identify good practice examples. Additionally, the team developed a monitoring and evaluation framework to be used to measure and assess the progress made by the different Member States.

The Commission published the final report of the study in the first week of May. It can be found through the following link: