Design and behavioural research study to create evidence-based, EU harmonised consumer waste sorting labels

Client: European Commission (JRC).

Duration: 2023 – 2024

Consortium: OE (lead), CINT, Blend, Krakow, Politecnico di Milano.

Geographical Coverage: EU 27.

Data collection tools: Desk research, online survey, participatory workshops, behavioural experiments.

Abstract: The overall purpose of this study is to provide services and evidence to support the participatory design of EU harmonised waste sorting labels on packaging and receptacles, with the aim of facilitating waste sorting by consumers. The study shall involve an in-depth analysis of the Nordic pictogram scheme as a baseline and contextualise it with relevant information on other (national) labelling schemes (at least those mentioned in Section 2.2). The study will also involve consumer testing using stakeholder engagement, participatory methods, surveys and behavioural experiments. Additionally, the study will involve the graphical design of evidence-based waste sorting labels and the development of implementation and usage guidelines for key stakeholders.