Study supporting the Evaluation of EU Action Plan on Childhood Obesity (2014-2020) 

Client: European Commission (HaDEA/ DG SANTE) 

Duration: 2023-2024

Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), PwC, SAFE.

Geographical Coverage: EU 27

Methodology: Survey, interviews, focus groups.

Abstract: The study evaluates the progress in the key areas for action in the Action Plan and provides an overview of the efforts carried out by the EU Member States in these key areas for action during the period 2014 – 2020. In addition to such overall assessment of the main past activities at the national level, the study also maps for each Member State the ongoing and/or the planned actions on childhood obesity and related areas and analyses their strengths and weaknesses in their implementation. The study aims at identifying obstacles and remaining challenges, including examples of how the obstacles and challenges have been addressed within the collected examples.