Projects on: gender equality

EUropean MEdia PLATforms: Assessing positive and negative externalities for european culture

The EUMEPLAT project aims at analyzing the role of media platforms in fostering or dismantling a common European identity. We will draw on a precise theoretical assumption, according to which European dimension has rarely been dominant in modern media history.  The research question, overall, is whether or not new platforms – such as YouTube, Netflix, […]

Opportunities and risks of digitalisation for young people in the area of gender equality: research and policy review and methodology

Taking into consideration the EU policies on digitalisation, children and youth, as well as the area of the Girl Child of the BPfA (strategic objectives L7 and L8), the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) will prepare a report addressing gender-related risks and opportunities of digital technologies among youth, with a particular focus on social […]

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