Launch of the Survey on Open eGovernment Services

  • Posted February 16, 2016

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
The study team on Open eGovernment Services (OGS) has launched today a consultation aimed at outsourcing perception and ideas on how the public sector should innovate to enable Open eGovernment Services. Open eGovernment Services display open, collaborative and co-production features. Citizens, businesses or NGOs using IT technologies can cooperate with the public sector in the […]

Who are the main players of the EU data economy? The presentation of the EU data landscape 2016 for discussion with the big data community will take place on 18th February at 15:00 – 16:00 CET

  • Posted January 25, 2016

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
Last year, we published the first EU DATA LANDSCAPE. We’ve worked hard in this year to increase the coverage of our database and refine our assessment criteria. As of today we have more than 400 companies thanks to our research and to all the companies that decided to be part of the datalandscape and give in […]

Open Government Services: definition and taxonomy – 1st Webinar on 18th December 2015

  • Posted December 10, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
We are delighted to invite you to the First Webinar of the Open eGovernment Services Study. The European Commission has launched in August 2015 a new study devoted to the analysis of the new generation of Open eGovernment Services. The study is aimed to provide a robust and shared definition of Open eGovernment Services, assess […]

Open Evidence on the Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS

  • Posted December 1, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
Open Evidence participated as Exhibitor at the 4YFN, the business platform for digital startups, on the Smart City Expo World Congress held from 17-19 November 2015 in Barcelona. Open Evidence was selected as a showcase startup at the 4YFN Village, located at the heart of the Smart City Expo World Congress, where we could engage […]

Publication of Pathos & Ethos: Emotions and Willingness to Pay for Tobacco Products

  • Posted December 1, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
We are pleased to announce that the first article related to the “Study on Tobacco Labelling and Packaging” has been published in PLOS ONE and is ready for download!. This study was conducted by Open Evidence staff, London School of Economics and Block the Ideas. The article makes use of data from a multi-country Randomized […]

Open Evidence represented GIPO during IGF 2015 in Brasil

  • Posted November 19, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
Open Evidence was very busy during IGF 2015, the biggest annual Internet Governance conference.  We represented GIPO in common  “Workshop on Building Internet Observatories” where different initiatives gathered together to discuss how they could create synergies, avoid duplication of efforts in their activities and foster cooperation among each other to leverage capacity-building and education as well as […]

How to encourage industry to participate in government innovation programmes?

  • Posted November 9, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
Industry participation in government research funding programme is necessary in order to deliver innovation to the market. However, studies show that innovative companies are reluctant to participate in such programme, often perceived as bureaucratic. In the context of a EU study, we’re now looking (among other things) at factors that stimulate industry participation. What are, in your […]

Second Inlife Meeting in Budapest

  • Posted September 10, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
This week, Open Evidence participated in the Second INLIFE meeting with the Consortium partners in the Novotel Budapest to discuss the progress made in the project. The issue of promoting the Quality of Life of elderly citizens with cognitive impairments and prolonging their autonomy and independent living capacity is a truly pan-European one, which cannot […]

Co-designing the GIPO platform – 1st live workshop on Global Internet Policy Observatory

  • Posted June 2, 2015

  • Posted by Federica Porcu
The first interactive workshop on Global Internet Policy Observatory under the title: Co-designing the GIPO platform will take place in Sofia, on 4th June 2015 during EuroDIG 2015: Shaping the internet together conference. The Co-designing the GIPO platform workshop is an invitation for open discussion and collaboration on the technological developments of the platform during three working sessions on specific issues […]

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