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European media platforms: assessing positive and negative externalities for european culture – EUMEPLAT

EUMEPLAT is an H2020 project which will analyse the role of media platforms in shaping an European identity, to identify best practices, and provide policy-makers with a better understanding of critical aspects of contemporary media landscape. EUMEPLAT will draw on a precise theoretical assumption, according to which European dimension has rarely been dominant in modern […]

POWER: Empowerment of Youth on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Societies

This Erasmus + project aims at empowering youth on renewable energy. The aim is to enhance sustainable societies by training young people in different parts of Turkey and enable them to organize their communities in launching local renewable energy initiatives using a bottom up approach. As part of the project, on-line educational tools will be […]

Media Literacy and Online Empowerment issues raised by Algorithm-Driven Media Services

Open Evidence, in consortium with RAND Europe, has been commissioned by the European Commission – DG CONNECT, to conduct the study on“Media Literacy and Online Empowerment issues raised by Algorithm-Driven Media Services” SMART 2017/0081. This multi-disciplinary study will be a first step for EU media policy to analyse the underlying issues posed by algorithm-driven media services […]

Study supporting the evaluation and development of youth entrepreneurship policies and actions

Open Evidence in partnership with EY has been entrusted to conduct the Study supporting the evaluation and development of youth entrepreneurship policies and actions. The overall objective of the Study is to provide the EC with the evidence base needed to identify whether youth entrepreneurship initiatives are effective in creating long-term quality employment. Member States, regions […]

Opportunities and risks of digitalisation for young people in the area of gender equality: research and policy review and methodology

Taking into consideration the EU policies on digitalisation, children and youth, as well as the area of the Girl Child of the BPfA (strategic objectives L7 and L8), the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) will prepare a report addressing gender-related risks and opportunities of digital technologies among youth, with a particular focus on social and political […]

New ways to attract young people to Science and Technology: STEM4Youth

The main goal of STEM4you(th) is to provide young people comprehensive, high level vision of STEM disciplines and to inform them which skills and competence related to STEM will be valuable on the future European labor market. Are you ready for citizen science at school? Would you like to learn how engineers solve practical problems? […]

Measuring the impact of eInclusion actors on Digital Literacy, Skills and Inclusion goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe (MIREIA eI2-IAF)

The project has the general objective of improving the applicability of MIREIA eI2-IAF by intermediaries of digital inclusion across Europe.  The objective of the MIREIA research project is twofold, aiming at better understanding the diversity of eInclusion intermediary organisations and actors and to create adequate instruments to faciliate the demonstration of their outcomes and their […]

Open Innovation

The project aims at analysing and redefining how knowledge is created and shared within and outbound the organization. The project will provide a new working framework and set up new tools an protocols to foster decentralization, individualization and casual participation. New platforms for co-creation will be provided or enabled and interaction will be fuelled by […]