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Study on deployment of AI in Healthcare

Client:  European Commission (DG SANTE) Duration: 2024. Consortium: Open Evidence, PwC, EthikIA. Geographical Coverage: EU27. Methodology: Desk research, online survey, interviews, focus group, workshop, case studies, market analysis, monitoring framework. Abstract: The objective of the study is to identify and assess the most prominent challenges and accelerators for the deployment of AI in the healthcare sector. A wide range of consultation […]

Studies on “Combined health warning strategies across countries” and “Packaging and labelling strategies”, with a subsequent assessment report of the current EU combined health warnings

Client:  European Commission (HaDEA/ DG SANTE) Duration: 2023-2024. Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), ICF. Geographical Coverage: Extra-EU. Methodology: Desk research. Abstract: This request for services is intended to be the first phase of a larger research on health warnings and packaging for tobacco and related products. The overarching objective of this specific request for service is to provide an overview of the […]

Study supporting the review of HERA with regard to its operations, structure and governance

Client: European Commission (HaDEA/ DG SANTE) Duration: 2023-2024 Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), PwC. Geographical Coverage: EU 27 Methodology: Survey, interviews, focus groups. Abstract: The main objective of the study is to provide the Commission with an analysis on the extent to which HERA has been delivering effectively and efficiently on its mission and tasks as laid down in Commission Decision C(2021) […]

Study supporting the Evaluation of EU Action Plan on Childhood Obesity (2014-2020) 

Client: European Commission (HaDEA/ DG SANTE)  Duration: 2023-2024 Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), PwC, SAFE. Geographical Coverage: EU 27 Methodology: Survey, interviews, focus groups. Abstract: The study evaluates the progress in the key areas for action in the Action Plan and provides an overview of the efforts carried out by the EU Member States in these key areas for action during the […]

Study on mapping and evaluating the implementation of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Client: European Commission (HaDEA/ DG SANTE)  Duration: 2023-2024 Consortium: Open Evidence (lead), PwC. Geographical Coverage: EU 27 Methodology: Literature review, desk, research, interviews, survey, case studies, focus groups, workshops. Abstract: Adopted in February 2021, the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan proposes actions across the four steps of the cancer pathway (prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, […]