Meet the team

Cristiano Codagnone

Cristiano Codagnone is Partner and CEO at Open Evidence SL, which he founded in 2013. He is involved in client development and supervises projects.

Since 2005 he has designed and managed more that 70 -European applied policy studies for various DGs and agencies of the European Commission and for the European Parliament. He holds a Master of Science in economics from Bocconi University of Milan and a PhD from New York University.

He is a leading expert in behavioural economics as applied to policy. Since 2012 he has designed and directed or contributed to 19 behavioural consumers studies for various DGs and Agencies of the European Commission that have involved behavioural experiments, surveys, focus groups, in depth interviews, systematic reviews, econometric analysis and recommendations. He also worked in various other policy domains such as such as digital transformation, socio-economic and ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence, digital government and digital health, social inclusion, labour market policies, R&D and innovation policy. Recently he has written for the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament a report assessing the European Commission policies for the digital decade and digital autonomy.

Cristiano holds also an academic position at Milan State University. He has been Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Media and Communication Department of LSE, and he has served as Scientific Officer at the United Nations (2003-2004) and at the European Commission (at JRC-IPTS Seville, 2009-2011 and 2015-2016).He has more than 50 scientific publications between articles in peer reviewed journals, books, short monographies, and book chapters.

Lucie Lechardoy

Lucie Lechardoy is a Partner and Manager at Open Evidence with a background in political sciences and EU policy. She manages projects for the European institutions including evaluations, impact assessments and exploratory studies in the fields of digital policies, employment and consumer issues. She masters a range of qualitative research techniques, analysis and reporting.

Before joining Open Evidence in 2019, Lucie was a Senior Research Manager at VVA, a public policy consultancy. Previously, Lucie worked at the Executive Agency for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (EASME) as project officer where she participated in the launch and the management of calls for proposals under the COSME programme. Prior to this, Lucie was a junior project manager in the consultancy Business & Strategies Europe, where she managed European framework contracts and tenders for DG DEVCO in the field of economic development. Lucie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s degree in European Affairs from Sciences Po Bordeaux (France).

In her free time, Lucie enjoys cultural activities such as going to the cinema, museums and music festivals.

A native French speaker, Lucie is fluent in English, with intermediate Spanish and Dutch.

Giovanni Liva

Giovanni Liva is a Partner and Manager at Open Evidence, where he manages mainly projects on digital policy, innovation and behavioural studies. Giovanni has 7 years of experience working on EU policies and he has been involved in the management and delivery of several projects for European Institutions. He masters a range of qualitative research techniques, analysis and reporting.

Before joining Open Evidence, Giovanni was a consultant at Edelman, a leading public affairs consultancy, where he conducted EU regulatory and political analysis for private companies. He also worked for the European Parliament Research Service, providing policy research and in-depth analysis to support the work of the Members of the European Parliament. Giovanni holds a Master Degree in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy from the University of Milan.

Giovanni is passionate about outdoor sports and football, and he loves spending time with his young daughter.

Besides being an Italian native speaker, Giovanni is fluent in English.

Diego Polo-Friz

Diego Polo-Friz is a Partner at Open Evidence, where he is active on client development.

Before joining Open Evidence, Diego was General Manager of Finint, a financial intermediary (a so-called Payment Institution, according to the EU Payment Service Directive) active as a Western Union agent in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. From 1993 to 2005, he was first a Consultant and then a Partner with McKinsey & Co. He has also been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tucano Urbano (a motorbike equipment company). Diego holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Bocconi University in Milan.

Diego is also a Professor of Management at the State University of Milan, and a Board Member of MBE Worldwide (of the brand Mail Boxes Etc., globally).

Besides being an Italian native speaker, Diego is fluent in English.

Laura López

Laura is a Manager at Open Evidence mainly involved in projects for EU institutions in the fields of digitalisation, the platform economy, and media freedom. Prior to joining us, she was a researcher in labour and health economics at the Department of Applied Economics of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). As part of this experience, she conducted several studies for various Belgian institutions with direct policy-impact. She, therefore, has a strong quantitative background on econometric as well as statistical methods. This expertise is combined with her knowledge on EU projects gained through her experience working at Open Evidence as well as prior experience at NTT Data and the German institution for international cooperation (GIZ GmbH). She holds a Master’s degree in Economic Analysis & European Policy from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Laura is a ‘bike nerd’ and can tell you about the best cycling routes in Spain -well, and even in Europe. She also enjoys drawing in charcoal and oil painting. Native speaker in Spanish and Catalan, Laura is also fluent in English and French.

Andrès Katich

Andrès Katich is the Financial and Administrative Manager he is a manager with a background in financial roles and marketing. Prior to joining Open Evidence in 2024, Andrès worked as a Financial Coordinator MCI Spain Events; designing and preparing of sales reports. He holds a MSc in Business Administration and another one in Marketing and Sales. Andrès enjoys spending his free time exploring the world and learning about different cultures, and playing sports, such as volley beach and tennis. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and French.

Paolo Calderoni

Paolo Calderoni is a research consultant with experience in public administration and consulting. At Open Evidence he works on research projects for different DGs of the European Commission and his tasks include carrying out literature reviews, applying qualitative research techniques, conducting case studies and focus groups, writing reports and policy recommendations, with a focus on digital technologies in the public sector, platform economy, healthcare, education, and food policy.

Before joining Open Evidence, Paolo worked as business analyst at Deloitte Consulting and as student intern at the Embassy of Italy in Santiago (Chile). Paolo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Pavia (Italy).

In his free time, Paolo enjoys travelling, riding his Vespa, and hiking with his boxer dog. A native Italian speaker, Paolo is fluent in English and Spanish, with intermediate French and German.

Silvia Grothe i Riera

Silvia is a consultant working on public health and social policy projects. Before joining Open Evidence, she worked as a research consultant for various EU-funded projects on preventing alcohol consumption and was a trainee at DG SANTE. Silvia has also worked on several projects on the social determinants of health, which led her to gain strong qualitative and quantitative research skills. Silvia holds a research master’s in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford and a bachelor’s degree in European Public Health from Maastricht University. Silvia also received training in cultural anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Silvia enjoys outdoor activities and practising yoga and is a travel enthusiast in her free time. She is native in Spanish and Catalan, fluent in English and understands German.

Sara Nardoni

Sara Nardoni is a research consultant with experience in public administration and consulting. At Open Evidence her work consists in conducting research projects for European Institutions and her tasks include carrying out literature reviews, applying qualitative research techniques, conducting evaluations and impact assessments, writing reports and policy recommendations.

Before joining Open Evidence, Sara worked as a consultant at Business Integration Partners and Deloitte Consulting in Milan. Sara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Management and a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Economics and Management of the Government and International Organizations, both from Bocconi University (Milan).

In her free time, Sara enjoys travelling, reading, visiting art exhibitions and painting in watercolours. 

Sara is a native Italian speaker, fluent in English, with intermediate French and Spanish.

Marcello Negrini

Marcello Negrini is a behavioural researcher with a background in psychology and economics.

His passion is to conduct experiments to generate behavioural insights relevant to policy and organizations. He investigates human decisions, biases, and beliefs using an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates insights and methods from psychology, economics, and neuroscience.

Prior to joining Open Evidence as a consultant, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Paris School of Economics, CNRS (France). He received a PhD in economics from the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University (The Netherlands) and a Research Master’s (cum laude) and Bachelor’s degrees in psychology from Pavia University (Italy). He published his research in peer-reviewed scientific journals and he presented his findings at several international scientific conferences and workshops. He was a visiting scholar at leading research institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University (USA), University of Pennsylvania (USA), New York University Shanghai (China), and University of East London (UK).

Marcello loves hiking in the Italian Alps and riding his mountain bike. He is a native Italian speaker, fluent in English and learning Spanish.

Andrea Pivotto

Andrea Pivotto is a Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineer with a strong background in physical modelling and analytical reasoning. His work consists of developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to discover hidden patterns from data and utilize them to gain a more comprehensive grasp of complex scenarios. He is focused on creating value from pre-existing information and increasing knowledge of phenomena with interesting insights. He believes that every good decision comes from a very deep understanding of the situation at hand, and he considers AI an exceptional tool to gain this awareness.
Prior to joining Open Evidence in 2021, he worked as a Machine Learning Specialist developing pipelines and implementing AI software solutions for a series of projects in various domains of knowledge (e.g., marketing, biomedical, business etc.). His main expertise fields are decisional algorithms, advanced Natural Language Processing, non-conventional neural networks application and complex networks analysis. He received a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Bicocca University in Milan, with a thesis focused on the application of Machine Learning methodologies for particle discovery. He completed a Master in “Data Science & AI”, with a fully sponsored scholarship, and attended multiple professional courses in Quantum Computing.
In his free time Andrea loves reading, listening to music, and playing chess. He is a black belt in Judo, a certified whisky taster, and a big Star Wars fan.
Andrea is a native Italian speaker, is fluent in English and intermediate in French.

Giacomo Stazi

Giacomo Stazi is a microeconomist with a strong background in statistics and econometrics. His work involves applying econometric and data science methods to analyse social topics, ranging from consumers’ behaviour to policy evaluation. Using data to find innovative links between social phenomena and inform evidence-based policy is what captivates him.

Prior to joining Open Evidence in 2021, Giacomo worked as a data scientist in the Global Pricing Team of HP Inc., building complex models to study the effect of pricing and sales decisions on business performance. Giacomo holds a MSc in Economics from the Barcelona School of Economics and a summa cum laude MSc in Economics from Bocconi University. In addition, he has worked for one year as a Research Assistant at the University of Chicago, studying the impact of social norms on human behaviour in a variety of settings. 

Giacomo is a true outdoor enthusiast, practicing rock climbing, cycling and trail running on a daily basis. But he also enjoys photography, and his pictures have been among the finalists of the 2021 World Sports Photography Awards.

Giacomo speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Carlos Torrado

Carlos Torrado is a consultant with a background in EU public policy, political science, and economics. His work involves conducting studies for European institutions, including evaluations, impact assessments, and conducting data collection activities. His work focuses primarily on health policy but extends to digitalisation and behavioural science. He uses a combination of primary and secondary research to provide accurate and impactful analyses and insights.

Before joining Open Evidence, Carlos worked as an intern at Cancer Research UK. He holds an MSc in European and International Public Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BA with honours in Politics and Economics from the University of Nottingham. His MSc final project was a policy study on the creation of a European Policy for Preventable Cancers.

Carlos enjoys spending his free time exploring cultural activities in Milan, and playing sports, such as paddle and tennis. Carlos is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian.